Almost The Truth: The Lawyer’s Cut DVD

$ 19.98

  • Surviving members of Monty Python reuniting for new stage show in 2014.
  • 6 part series previously aired on IFC.
  • New Interviews with all Pythons
  • Star-Studded guests (Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels, Hugh Hefner, Eddie Izzard, Olivia Harrison, Steven Merchant, Dan Aykroyd, Tim Roth, Seth Green)
  • Clips from Flying Circus, The Holy Grail, The Life of Brian, Live At The Hollywood Bowl, The Meaning of Life
  • Featuring the famous Life Of Brian TV Debate from 1979 as well as Pre Python Television shows DVD: Single-disc “Theatrical Release” featuring a cut down version of the series to 107 minutes